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The Finest of Giant Angora & French Angora fibers, gently collected, blended, carded, spun, knit into wonderful items in my studio.

Events Calendar, where and which events I am attending in 2016.

100% pure white giant angora two ply yarn

One of our finest yarns, from Lucy, hand clipped, hand carded, hand spun. 100% Pure White Giant Angora Yarn.  

You can contact us to see what pure angora wool & yarn we have, or we can make for you! 

This is Lucy, she's one of our hardest workers, producing white giant angora wool

Business Hours

I don't have regular hours, but I can be available most any time.  Either email me Joel at oldhausfibers.com or call me 319 330 6441


Help & Classes:

We also will help you with any spinning wheel, some repair, assembly, and

Joel has experience with Antique German Hand Spinning Boxes, Great-Walking wheels both from the 1700's & 1800's. Along with most any modern commercially available wheel.

Joel can also do classes on using both Primitive and modern Drop Spindles and same with spinning wheels. Just call me & we can work out something! REALLY!

I am the IOWA Dealer for National Custom Spinning Works Spinning Wheels!

National Custom Spinning Works, Bright Blue set

A Custom Spin Works wheel is the ultimate investment in a wonderful wheel.  

When you're ready to buy a wheel, steps above the rest of the market. A Custom Spin Works wheel fills that need!

Babes Fiber Garden Wheels

A "Babe" is the best value for your first spinning wheel!

Babes Fiberstarter Single Treadle

We are Iowa's premier dealer of Babes Fiber Garden Spinning Wheels & accessories.  

Let me know if you need a quote on any of the BFG products.  Free lessons included with every Babe Wheel.  
I have some of the most popular items on my store, with discount pricing!

What you've been looking for...
 An online store.  It's not live, but will be soon.   TY  JLH

I've recently moved our online store to Handmade Artists  I hope you enjoy the items I have listed, please purchase some, let me know if you would like to see any other products!


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My spouse of 33 years has moved out of our family home, and I live here with my simple Social Security Disability income I'm Permanently Medically Disabled according to the Social Security Administration. I am & have been a Fiber Artist for the past 10+ years. I'm actually nationally renowned for my. This has difficult for me for years. Being alone for that part it is nice. My house has $500 heat bills in the winter, and I need to raise funds to move my belongings.

I will use these funds to move my belongings to storage, find an apartment I can afford, and acquire reliable transportation. All of my current vehicles are JUNK...

I'm happy to take answers questions!

This is a link to my email!

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We are a member - host on the WWOOF USA list.  Take a look at our profile & let us know if you are or might be interested in WWOOFing with us.

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